Friday, October 7, 2011

Moloka'i Day 7

We had a leisurely start to the morning today. I cut open a juicy & delectable pineapple to go with breakfast... it was delicious and had an almost coconut flavor to it. Then we packed lunch (tuna sandwiches) in our ice chest and headed to Mile 20 beach (Murphy Beach). On the way, we stopped by Mana'e and returned out movie and picked up a new one for tonight, our last night on Moloka'i. We leave pretty early in the morning for Maui (9AM flight) so we had to make sure we could return the movie super early. They said they open at 7:30AM but would be in at 7:00 preparing to open.

The weather was mediocre today... kind of cloudy and gray.

As we laid at the beach we could FEEL the wind pick up an KNEW rain was coming. We moved under a big tree and waited out the rain then dragged our chairs right back out. It happens that fast.

The water was cooler today and the beach we chose was rocky and shallow. Not the best for swimming. But really, who can complain about a day spent laying at the beach??? A bad day at the beach is better than the best day in an office, right?

We are planning to pack and watch a movie tonight PLUS we're planning to go out to dinner (a rarity for us on moloka'i since there are so few restaurants). I am thinking maybe Hotel Moloka'i... unless we want to trek all the way into town and beyond to go to the cookhouse again... decisions, decisions...

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