Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cabo San Lucas (2)

Land's End
Heading out on the water taxi to Lover's Beach at Land's End.

Lover's Beach

No swimming at Divorce Beach
The passage between Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach
Laying out on Lover's Beach (Divorce Beach is on other side of that opening behind me)
At Playa Chileno
Our palapa at Chileno

Reading under palapa at Chileno

Our traditional in-the-water pic

Asta La Vista, Baby!

Cabo (1)

Our pool at the resort (on the pacific side so the beach is unswimmable)
Ahhhh... the beach, finally!  (Playa Palmilla near San Jose del Cabo)
Playa Palmilla
Playa Palmilla
Our second rental car.  The first was a bust.
Our resort - it was built up a mountain.

We had to take carritos everywhere because everything was steep and far to walk to in the hot humidity.
Lunch at Playa Cerritos
Playa Cerritos

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Band - Summer '12

Showing support - fun to have Hanny with us!

First Day of Junior Year

Off to College

Goodbye lunch with the friends.

Whole fam bam!  (My favorite!)



Yummy breakfast in the Village

Cab from BBB

Early morning dorm move in

Waiting for the elevator... moving in

Packing and organizing

In the dorm

The bathroom - 4 guys share it

Getting all settled in

The shelves

The roommate

The dorm building

The park right outside the dorm

The park right outside the dorm
Saying goodbye.


Hard to say goodbye.