Monday, August 30, 2010

CA Dessert Reception

From the day I knew we would be throwing a separate post-wedding reception in CA, I began to look online for ideas for budget friendly wedding receptions. I was inspired by several "sunflower weddings" I saw, plus seeing great photos of the new fad, "candy bars" with candies in all one color.

I ran the ideas up Shelly & Suezi's flagpoles and slowly started accumulating stuff like glass apothecary jars and chalkboards etc.

One of Miss M's friend's moms got me 100 sunflowers wholesale (which was AWESOME and made all the difference, visually!). My small group girls got together and made the paper cones for the candy (Suezi got the paper and had a pattern and did the ribbon/fabric -woo hoo!) AND they each made and brought a treat (yay!).

Candy Bar
"Yummy Treats" candy bar
The Bride
Me & Shell
Cheese bar
Cheese bar
Treat table
The deck
The yard
Drink station
Miss M getting a drink
"Plaid Party"
The yard
My small group (minus a few)
Droopy forever (Taffy said a blessing for the couple)
4 generations
The "Hubbard" women
Bride and Groom at "Wishes" Table
Proud parents
It was a LOT of work (and double my initial - wishful thinking - budget) but I was super happy with how it turned out. We were blessed to be able to share our joy with so many of our friends.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VA Beach & Coming Home

The day after the wedding, we planned to fly out later, in case we wanted to do anything with Sara's family. Since it appeared everyone was exhausted and since the newlyweds were eager to take off on their honeymoon, we just packed up and headed to VA Beach (Virginia Beach, but they call it "Vah" beach) for a few hours.

It was hot & humid. Everyone was kind of hungry and crabby. Since we had they long night of travel ahead, that was also a kind of oppressive cloud hanging over the day. The beach there was pretty different... there were a TON of people and they were packed 5 and 6 deep from the water. It was interesting and fun seeming... too bad we couldn't have maybe stayed a night.

On the boardwalk

At the Pier ($2 per person to walk all the way out on it)
Surrey rental - a lot of work to pedal (for them! - it was great for me... I had not pedals - haha!)

At Dairy Queen
Ahhh... the romance
At Norfolk Int'l
Playing Monopoly Deal
Riding the SkyWay between terminals at DFW
We left DFW over an hour late because of an elusive "seat cushion". We flew into LAX. We got our luggage and caught the tram to the parking lot. Then a 45 minute drive home (no traffic at 2:15AM). We got home to our house at 3AM.
We were all beat like Pete.

Wedding Photo Booth

No words needed... a picture is worth 1,000 words
(Except maybe that I think Todd might've found his spiritual gift!)

Mr & Mrs Maslyn, did you enjoy your wedding weekend?
And they lived happily ever after...