Saturday, May 7, 2011

Deevs College Tour Part 2

We had a forced-college-tour-trip (to San Francisco) for Deevs. (See "college tour Part 1" here) For Mom & Dad to have Deevs all to ourselves for a few days was pure bliss! (At first, he was a reluctant participant, but he was a good sport and warmed up to it :)

He was SOOOO not into going to San Francisco, but he LOVES the "big city" so we were pretty sure he would end up loving it - and he did! He loved the gray, drizzly weather and the cityscape.

We toured China Town on Sunday and picked the right street to go up! I am SOOOO sad I did not remember to break out the camera enough... it was truly spectacular. We were the only non-asians on the street and it was PACKED with people doing their shopping & errands. We were on the market street... so cool!

We took a day to go to Stanford (a dream school!)... he didn't love that it was so far from the city and so suburban, but you couldn't HELP but be impressed. And if you are a learner, you can't HELP but seeing your self there!
We headed back into the city and went to the Golden Gate bridge.

The next morning, we headed out early to Berkeley. We did the tour then hung out with the Petits - they were there visiting little Paul. Sadly, they had to take off that afternoon, so it was short & sweet.
Paul was a great host to Deevs though and he admitted after that he could actually picture himself at Cal now (even though previously he was ADAMANT that under NO circumstances would her EVER go there! - Progress!!!)


From Berkeley, we headed home via San Luis Obispo. We had lunch at Firestone Grill (EVERYONE said we had to go here for the tri-tip sandwiches - which WERE tasty!)
Sadly, the yummy restaurant was not enough to sell Deevs on SLO...
His verdict was in: