Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Coming Home - Miss M

While I am not usually a super big fan of kids attending several dances, I am not totally opposed to it... and this time I REALLY wasn't because it meant that I got to go and take pictures and BE there (since I missed the real homecoming while we were on vacation)!!!

Miss M went to another school's dance with friends.
She borrowed most everything and paid for the ticket herself.

Miss M, McKenna, Natalie

Mom friends
Kids aren't the only ones who can make goofy faces

Miss M is 15!!!

My Facebook status on November 2, 2010 said:

"Happy 15th birthday to our strong, confident, tender-hearted, creative, loyal, playful, deep-thinking only daughter & baby of the family, Miss M. Have a great day at school today. We can't wait to celebrate you tonight. WE LOVE YOU! ♥"

15... that means is just 6 months she can have her driver's permit!!! She will be able to DRIVE! Our baby girl, our last child will be on the road, behind the wheel!

Miss M has a strong sense of self... and when she is not feeling it, she is OK with letting you know that too. She has a Tumbler (online journal) where she is authentic and insightful and open and quirky and 100% HER. She has a tenderness for disconnected, disenfranchised, hurting people and yet she isn't the great rescuer of them all... she has compassion and offers help, but in balance. She is honest about her feelings and works hard to GROW.

She FORGOT she wanted to go to Pei Wei for her birthday dinner and had been waiting nearly the WHOLE year to go there and get soda mixtures from their super cool soda machine!

So that's what we did.
It was the family plus Daniel.
(Grampie & Ellen couldn't make it... and it was last minute, so we didn't even LET Drew stress himself out trying to come.)
Even though Deevs had a ton of homework, he came too.

Brother & Sister
Emy came and visited and brought gifts and a few friends... Heck, they made it a party!

Hallow E'en 2010

This was actually PRE-Halloween on October 30. Sar & J came over and carved pumpkins and we roasted the seeds.
Miss M and her friends dressed up for PumpkinFest at church then came back and joined us.
We celebrated J's 23rd bday and then J, Sar, and Lando left for a costume party.

Siamese Twins for Life!
Connected at the Liver

"Pumpkin is a squash... we can eat it, right?"

Carving a bicycle
Carving Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack
Lando carving
Jaylinn decorating faces
Brother & Sister
Pre-Halloween Jack o Lanterns
Carved Punkins
Going to their Party
Actual Halloween was kind of a bust.
Miss M went trick or treating with friends in another neighborhood (Tess was visiting from TEXAS - we hate texas :(
Deevs went to church.
J & Sar were away celebrating birthday weekend.
Lando went out.
We (Mom & Dad) were bickering.
We weren't at home. No one handed out candy. We barely GOT any candy (the kids slacked in their annual candy gathering duties!)
So I was particularly glad we had such a FUN night before! :)

Jade is 23!!!!

My Facebook status for November 1, 2010 read:

"Happy 23rd birthday to our charming, intelligent, flexible, social, FUN, easy-going, enthusiastic, auto-didactic first born, "J". WE LOVE YOU, son! (Have a GREAT surprise weekend away with your amazing wife ♥) xoxo"

This is indeed true. Jade IS all of those things... He is thoughtful and likes to get along with everyone and not make waves. He earnestly desires to follow Christ and questions the status quo that many Christians have just unquestioningly followed for decades (at least). He is a lover... he is loyal and devoted and he is such a delight to be around! We are blessed to be his parents and that we get to be in relationship with him. If he wasn't our child, we would still WANT to know him and have him in our lives!

Sar & Jade were going away for a "secret birthday surprise" weekend but thankfully, Sar was on top of it and arranged to come over and carve pumpkins (more photos in later post) before they left (October 30) and she brought cupcakes to celebrate. Then they left for a costume party (more photos coming).

Birthday cupcakes a la the newest Mrs. M

Great wife!

Make a wish!!!
Their weekend in Pioneer Town

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BVI Trip 2010 (Part 3)

When the cruise was over on Saturday, we said goodbye to Jim & Marianne as they headed back to Long Island and Harley & Robin as they headed back to Miami and to Steve & Erin as they headed home to St. John (JEALOUS!!!)
We caught the ferry from Road Town on Tortola over to Virgin Gorda. We ended up taking this trip over with Bruce & Judy who were going to be spending a week on Virgin Gorda! (We agreed to try to connect one night for dinner if we could.)

We arrived on V.G. earlier than expected with no real plans. We had to get a cab to the place we we supposed to rent a car. They were not really planning on us (Super cool Ray and Gemma) and didn't have our car ready. So they gave us another one to use until ours (a cheaper Jimny) came in later that evening. This thing was literally falling apart, it was in terrible condition and yet it was too "nice" to give us for the whole trip... Hahaha!
We went to locate our place... we found it.
There was a sign on the door, "back in 30 minutes", but it didn't say when they left... was it 29 minutes ago or 3 minutes ago? Hahaha! ISLAND TIME!
We drove around the island and explored.
Eventually we came and check in and started our Sat-Wed stay.

Savannah Beach on Virgin Gorda - our place was
just around the corner in the shadow, in the distance.
Reading the Kindle at Savannah Beach.
Wrapping up a 7 hour beach day... carrying the back pack chair and ice chest!... We know how to travel in style! (A lot of people thought we lived on the island because of our tans and our supplies... we WISH!)
Our Jimny (which ended up being in MUCH better condition than the original car)
Mango Bay Resort
On Monday we took the 7:20AM ferry from Virgin Gorda to Anegada. It took an hour. We got dropped off around 8:30 looking for scooters to rent (we had been told to do this). the scooter guy was not open and wouldn't be opening for a few days (we think). So we were told to rent a car. $50 for the day... no credit card, no license, no contract. "Here's the key" (broken!), bring it back and pay when you are done :)

We drove to Cow Wreck (called this because a boat with cow bones wrecked off the coast and the bones washed ashore) and spent several glorious hours reading, swimming and basking.
After, we had a few sodas and conch fritters and "crack fries" at Cow Wreck Bar... we visited with Bell, the owner for a while and since we were the only people there, were able to ask some questions about Anegada and how she got the land and built the bar. he sweet little grandson was dropped off from Junior Kindergarten at the bar and was exhausted and sucking his thumb... long day (and it was just 12;30 :)

We explored the island and tried to go to Loblolly beach but it had been kind of ruined in the recent hurricane, so that was a "miss". (Loblolly trees are often called "tourist trees" because apparently they are red & peely, like sunburned tourists!) We stayed on the island until the ferry came at 5:00.
Last day of vacation - back at Savannah Beach (with my new hat & sarong).
Feeding the mama and her chicks.
Body surfing... there were actually WAVES!
It literally couldn't have BEEN a better trip.
The relaxation, the weather, the travel plans, the "Cat", the island, our health, the places we stayed and ate... all of it!
D was VERY sad to come home and go back to real life... he wants to move there...