Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

Traditional Christmas morning stairs shot with a new addition
Bijou opening her gift - which she destroyed in less than 10 minutes

Enjoying Dad's new gift (apple tv and netflix)

Potty Golf for Grampie
Poor dad with his hurt spasm-ing pre-surgery back...
Singing Christmas Carols with Sandra (our electrocutionist)
Christmas guests Chris & Noriko and the usual Grammie.
Christmas Scrabble
Playing with the Gideon girls.

Christmas Eve '10

Tree 2010
Sisters reading the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible.
Husband & Wife's first Christmas together.
Lando & Jo & Grampie - and sample paint colors in the background
Jo taking her turn reading
"Happy birthday to Jesus" with Jo's from scratch red velvet cake.
Gingerbread decorating extravaganza
Elle makes a "GingerDrew cookie"
Drew made a "GingerTyrone"
Deevs' "InjureBread Man"
Maslyn & Sons tech
Lando's winner of "most creative"
Gerald with Jo and her "Michael Jackson (and blanket)" cookie
Saying "goodnight"... the winners of "most classic" and "least frosting used" (I think???) - haha

Miscellaneous FUN (Fall 2010)

At church Deevs' & crew did their own version of OK Go's treadmill dance.
Miss M participated in Mustache Monday at school.
Dad & Lando broke out the motorcycles for the first time in a long time.
Deevs really enjoyed 15 minutes of fame in the NCL Fashion Show.