Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maui/(Moloka'i) Day 13


So ready to be with the kids, but NOT ready to be done with vacation. Are you sure we can't just send for them all and keep the bliss going???

We lolly-gagged around this morning then got our act together and headed out for a last full beach day. We decided to head north again, up toward Lahaina because our luck at the southern beaches had not been too good, weather-wise. (Sure enough, the whole day, when we looked south, the area was still shadowed by the huge bank of cumulous storm clouds, whereas we had lovely - hot - sunshine all day!

The Hawaiian Monk Seal was back sleeping in the same spot again. We filmed her and sat and watched her for a while. We thought she was just sunbathing... came to find out later that they beach themselves to SLEEP. And they are severely endangered, only like 1200 left, total!!!! She was eyeballing us as she was trying to sleep... so we totally got too close and interrupted her sleep. OOPS! (Live & Learn.)

After the beach, we went into town one last time. Last time we forgot to take pictures, so this time we got a few. We TRIED to shop for souvenirs... but is is just all the same old crap; turtle or pineapples keychains, cutting boards, bracelets, earrings, etc. Hawaii embroidered beach bags and towels and hats and shirts. All over priced and all SO junky. Just a waste of time and money. Sorry, loved ones... your souvenir is US coming home!!! :)
We ended our time with dinner on the water, during sunset at Bubba Gump's. The location was great, there were seats available, and we were hungry... I'd call that a "win"!!!
Back to the hotel, maybe a movie, then waking and packing and flying home.
A L O H A!!!!!!

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