Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miss M's First HomeComing

Although Miss M got ASKED to homecoming while we were still in town,
her very first Homecoming Dance was the very day we left for vacation and WE MISSED IT!

We were SO excited for her:
Lovely new haircut
Beautiful new dress
Great date (dear friend, Parker)
Great group (a ton of her favorite people)

We were soooooooooooooo sad to have to miss it.
A picture MAY be worth 1000 words, but it's sure not the same as being there.

(Photo credits to Emily - THANKS, Em!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oak Glen, Twenty-Ten

Sara has Sundays off and brought up a trip the pumpkin patch. Normally, we would go later in the season, but we are going to be in the Caribbean for 12 days, returning RIGHT before Halloween with no time left to do a pumpkin patch.
So we decided to make a whole event of it and travel for the first time since I was in second grade up to Oak Glen in Yucaipa. We tried to go up last fall, but missed the season by a couple of weeks... so this year, we got an earlier jump.

Apple picking season had just started. The weather had cooled a little (it was 80 instead of 100!). The crowds were ready to descend on "apple land" as Deevs called it.
We left at about 9:30 and got there by 11:00 after a wrong turn and a bit of a detour. We found the kitschy little village and various orchards and farms. We had decided on Los Rios, so we found it and parked. We decided we needed to find the restrooms and eat so we were energized and ready for pumpkin picking, apple picking, and raspberry picking.