Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Royal Sons (Turn and Leave)

Lando & Hayden's band, The Royal Sons... check 'em out!
We are all really enjoying the music.
Be sure when you visit their Tumblr site to click "older" at the bottom of each page to see more.

End of an Era

I know it is TIME for Gram & Pop to not be in their home any more. Yes, they need more help. Gram is lonely and needs more connections regularly. Pop needs more monitoring. Sometimes Gram has a fall and needs help up. The house is expensive to maintain and care in the home is VERY pricey. Yes, it makes sense, but it is still sad.

Pop said that if he had to leave his house it would "ruin" him. We sooooooo hoped it wasn't true, and yet it is looking like, heartbreakingly, it might be. In the short time they have been there, gram has fallen and Pop has been found wandering the halls and has tried to 'escape' by climbing off the balcony! He also just mistook Gram for his mother... this is new... he had always know who she was before.

I thought "I should write Gram a letter or call her" and then I realized I did not know their address or phone number... I would never send another letter to Sewanee Lane, the only home they have ever lived in in my life. I felt a pang of sadness and, I can only call it homesickness.

We went to move them out, as a family (minus Sara). It was good to be together (as always) even though it was for a sad purpose.

Recognize that front door from the first photo?

The new place

I am glad we got a few photos of us at that house. But the photos will never replace the memories...

Marvelous March!

Of course the MOST important March event is Dad's birthday!
(And Grammie's bday. Oh, and I guess there is St. Patrick's Day.)

Anyhow, for his 41st and 3rd bday, Mom & Dad went to dinner at Javier's and allowed Miss M to walk around the outdoor mall with a new boy. Dad is the NICEST... he let his birthday celebration center around making sure his baby girl was happy.

HAMMER AND SOCKET SET (I think... although, I do NOT know my tools :)
Happy 41st and 3rd, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, many life moments do not fit in an "event"... they simply ARE. They are not neatly categorized but they matter nonetheless. These are a few such moments...

New iphone photo... I didn't know how to work the "zoom" yet,
so I actually had to get this close to him, little by little...
which is why he is staring at me like that! ~hahaha
Lovers at the pier

It just keep going up & up... this is already looking CHEAP, comparatively!
Landon's new "ink" :/

Track 2011

Miss M and Deevs both did track intermittently this Spring. Deevs doing the high jump and Miss M mostly sprinting.

I did not make many meets... I am still trying to figure them out!