Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maui/(Moloka'i) Day 11

This day started at 6:00 when we had to get up to get to our rafting trip. This was "adventure rafting" and there were only 8 people on our boat, plus Captain (Brad) 'first mate' (Eli).

We ate our breakfast in this cove where there were probably 100+ Spinner Dolphins. They swam right around the boat.

They took us to the old lava flow and showed us all the basalt and caves and arches. It was pretty spectacular.

Then we snorkeled and snorkeled and snorkeled.
Apparently the tour we took is the only one that takes you to the BACKSIDE of the Molokini crater... this was AWESOME!!!!
Most of the tours have 50-100 people and they all flock to the inside of the crater first thing in the morning. It is like "combat snorkeling" with 1000-2000 of your closest friends!
What we really liked was that this tour saved the inside of the crater until the very end and it was virtually empty when we got there... pretty cool.

This photo was on the backside of the Molokini crater.
This crevice in the huge crater let off pressure, so it was the one place you could go right up to the crater and not get slammed against the rock by waves/current. (The rest of the area, you needed to stay back about 6-8 feet.)

Right up against the crater was reef and sea life, then it just PLUNGED to depths of hundreds of feet... the clarity and color were just spectacular!!!

Our last stop after the crater was a turtle nesting area. We got to swim around with them as they came up for air... just inches from us. (They are protected, so you can't touch them etc.)
The colors underwater were magnificent!
We held hands while we snorkeled...

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