Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maui/(Moloka'i) Day 9


My whole life we have heard about the "Road to Hana" so we made it a point to drive it while we were here. We got an early start - 7AM. We fueled up the jeep. We stopped in Pa'ia and grabbed picnic lunches. Then we popped in the "Road to Hana' CD and listed as we drove the 68 twisty, turny, lush green miles.

We crossed a zillion one-lane bridges (59 total bridges/46 are one-lane), each which require you to yield to oncoming traffic.

We pulled over at various look outs and hikes which the CD guided us to. We found the CD confusing and did not understand half the directions which got frustrating... but the drive itself was GORGEOUS and well worth the trip!
Our favorite part had to be the Oheo Gulch (Pools at Oheo or the "7 Sacred Pools"). We were hot, hungry, tired, irritable and finally arrived at the pools (we had been SEARCHING for a place to picnic and swim). We hiked over and picnicked by the pools the dove into the chilly water for a refreshing swim!

Then, instead of taking the Road to Hana back, we took the back way around the barren southwest end. This was NOTHING like the jungley road to Hana but it was interesting to see the other side of the island, to drive the largely unpaved roads, and go where your rental car contract says you can't go (but the rental agent says you can - and should - in a 4WD vehicle - Yay!)
I can't remember where we ate dinner this night... maybe WokStar Noodle Cafe in Kihei? Then watched "Cowboys Vs Aliens" in the room.

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