Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maui/(Moloka'i) Day 8

Sorry for the interruption... we had been told internet would be free but the INTERNET IS $15 A DAY, and being cheap, I decided not to get it until today.

We were ready to leave Moloka'i. Although we enjoyed exploring a new island and relaxed a lot and had fun with each other, this was not our favorite island of all time.
Our condo was not on the beach (although it WAS on the water).
Our condo had no air conditioning.
Our condo was up 3 flights of stairs.
Our condo's beds were not comfy.
Everything was a far drive.
Our property was 13 miles from town and there was only ONE town.
There were maybe 5 restaurants on the island... none were good except The Cookhouse and it was 30 minutes from our condo.
The beaches we found weren't that great.
The weather (because of the mountains) was always gray and cloudy, while we were there.
All that said, we were ready to move to Maui.

We had an early flight and before we went to the airport we had to return our movie and get gas and return our jeep. We were on our tiny little single prop plane at 9AM and in Maui before 9:30AM! We would still have the whole day to get our car, findout hotel, check in and still get to the beach!

This is the beach we went to on Moloka'i on Day 1.

We got upgraded at the Marriott Wailea to "ocean front". Again, this means facing the ocean with no one in front of you, but this property in on rocks, not on a beach... althought there is one to the right and left of the property... plus, we have a car, so we will go scouting for one.

We NEVER stay in hotels, only condos or time shares, so it was weird to check in to a big resort. Kind of fun & different. We do not like not having a kitchen and getting nickel and dimed for every last stinking thing, but the customer service and amenities are nice! (I wish we were pool-goers because the adult-only/no cell phone infinity edge pool overlooking the ocean is pretty spectacular!)
After a lovely lunch at the restaurant by the pool, one of the girls who works at the resort told us she liked "Kam 3" beach in Kihei, so that is where we packed up and headed out to. Ahhhh... our Maui portion of the trip had finally begun!

After the beach, we went to Foodland and grabbed some sodas, waters, and snacks and - stocked up, we brought it back to our room to have on hand for the rest of the trip.

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