Monday, October 3, 2011

Moloka'i Day 2

Today, we woke up and D made eggs and tasty breakfast potatoes (from leftover baked potatoes from the night before).
We headed back to Mana'e Goodz and Grindz to return our movie and get a few missing grocery items.
We went into town (Kaunakakai) and got cash and sandwiches for the day (they are not super into sandwiches here and so far, they are NOT good :/

Then we headed to the far opposite end of the island from yesterday. Today we went to the West End.

We went exploring. We off-roaded (why we wanted - and were SO glad to have gotten - a jeep). We hiked. We climbed.

We liked Make Horse (pronounced "Mocky" Horse) and will probably go back there. Dixie was OK but really small so the few people there made it seem crowded.

We ended up at Papohaku beach which is the biggest, prettiest beach on the island, but unsafe for swimming! Currents suck people out far & fast (they say "if you want to go to japan, go swimming here")... super dangerous.

We came out onto this beach WAAAAAAAY down the beach and trudged ALL the way down to this cove. It was NOT fun. But we MADE it!
The only other people we could see are under those trees in the background. They were smart because out on the sand, the wind kicked up and we got PELTED continually by sand. As you can see, D created an umbrella shelter which worked really well. If we didn't have it, we would've had to have left! As it was, we huddled under the umbrella and stayed fairly sand-free, all things considered. (Trying to get the sand of our ears and scalp later was a WHOLE different story!)

The people under the tree had their car pulled right up on the beach... HOW DID THEY GET THERE?!?!?!? There HAD to be a way to get our car there.
D jogged the WHOLE way back to the car and then drove into the scraggly wilderness to try to find his way back to me and to that spot where the people were. A LONG time later, I saw him appear all the way down the beach jogging back to me?

What had happened?

He had drive all around and just couldn't get back.
Eventually, we went and asked the people under the trees.
They said there was a boulder and a stack of brush hiding the entrance. People REALLY don't want you to find these beaches!
D had seen this and had tried this was, but it was a maze and there was no visibility (you couldn't see the coast or where you had headed because of all the scrubby trees).

When it was time to leave, we decided to trek out the way we wanted to come in. We hiked around, we followed tire tracks, we back tracked and tried one trail and then another. We saw deer and an owl and wild turkeys and maybe pheasant and quail (unsure about bird types). We eventually made our way to the road and still had a long walk back to our car in the original parking spot.

We hopped in and back tracked the way we had come and found our way up to beachfront parking at the spot we had sat all day.
Take a look at THIS glorious parking spot!!!

We loaded up the jeep and headed back into town. We grabbed a few things at Friendly Market then grabbed dinner (to go) at the Drive-In and went back to the condo where we ate and watched a movie ("Win Win" - so good!).

Looking forward to the adventures tomorrow holds!!

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