Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 2011

I went out on some errands and this is what I came home to find...

everyone in the same room... Miss M on the computer... Deevs playing video games... Lando & Dad playing a game on the ipad.

Lover's Day 2011

Valentines Day was pretty non-eventful this year because Dad is still recovering from surgery. He can't sit up in a chair - so no dinner or movies or anything really.

He DID bring Sees candy and yellow roses for his Queen (me).
What warmed the cockles of my heart though was that he also brought flowers & candy for his Princess (Miss M) *sigh*

Brady & Deevs - Valentine's Date or studying???
Lando getting ready for HIS big date with Jo at Marrakesh, Moroccan food.

Sara is 22

Sara got back from here trip to Virginia to visit family just in time to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her Hubs and family.

Grammie made spaghetti (meat & non-meat sauces). Elle brought garlic bread. And at the birthday girl's request, I brought cheesecake.

We got there early enough for the family to have some fun playing shuffle board... apparently Jo & Lando were the big winners!

Ellen is surprised about where she found Grampie!
Grammie getting the blazing candle fest of 22 candles ready.

Secrets secrets are no fun... why don't you tell everyone?
Not sure what's going on here...
Happy birthday dear Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Make a wish. (Did it count even though she did it in 9 breaths?)

Deevs the Thespian

Deevs took Drama 1 this year for his Fine Arts requirement. He really liked his teacher, Mrs. Lord and he was encouraged to try out for their Drama Production of "Up the Down Staircase". The plot revolves around Sylvia Barrett, a young idealistic English teacher at an inner-city high school who hopes to nurture her students' interest in classic literature (especially Chaucer) and writing. She quickly becomes discouraged during her first year, frustrated by petty bureaucracy(the name of the novel refers to an infraction one of her students is punished for), the indifference of her students, and the incompetence of many of her colleagues. She decides to leave public school to work in a smaller private setting. Her mind is changed, however, by the realization that she has indeed touched the lives of her students.

Deevs played Lennie, one of the students with a bit of a crush on his new "Teach".

Great friends came out to support!
On stage as Lennie.
The class watching Miss Barrett

Taking bows
With Grammie & Grampie
With Buds

Freshie Winter Formal

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... I was in town for Winter Formal (as opposed to Homecoming, Miss M's first dance EVER!).

She went with her friend Nico as a date and went with a group... her pal Parker planned it all... pretty good job for a freshman MALE! ;)

Getting make-up done at smashbox (MaryKate's sister took them - how fun!).
All dressed up & ready to go...
Photos in the dark.
So pretty
Miss M & Nico
SO much fun
Pizza pals
DInner party... not very formal, but affordable and lots of fun!
The dance was held at K1 racing... fun idea... great night!

Dad's Back Surgery

October through Mid January were BRUTAL for dad's back... he was getting worse by the minute.
He had an epidural right after thanksgiving and not only did things not get better, they seemed to get worse, especially with the steroids creating anger and aggression in ADDITION to the pain, poor sleep, no exercise, stress etc. Then for money and insurance reasons, we decided to push off a surgery until after the first of the year. So Dad had to ride out the pain and we had to ride out Dad!

We finally found a Doctor up at UCLA in Santa Monica.
He ended up having laminectomies and diskectomies on 3 levels. He had the surgery on a Tuesday morning (Jan. 18. 2011).
He was very hopeful for a good outcome.

My dear friend Suzanne came up to be with me!
He took a while to come out of anesthesia and to recover and be moved to his room. (Notice my little area on the widow bench.)
Doing his breathing exercises so he won't get pneumonia (and keeping his sense of humor).
Drew popped by for a visit and took me to lunch... YUM!!!
Getting up is hard to do...
Ready to go home on Thursday.
Home at last. Snuggling with Jouey.
The healing incision.

January 2011 - Miscellaneous

Taking down the tree tradition...
Friends in hats...
New Year's Resolution - EAT MEAT. Vegetarian no more.
Miss M's science project, phases of the moon.

Miss M Motorcycling

Daddy took Miss M on a motorcycle riding "date" day... she loved it!