Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maui/(Moloka'i) Day 10

We decided to go up to through Lahaina and into Ka'anapali today to go to the beach. First we stopped at Moos McGillicuddy's (in Fred's Mexican restaurant - weird)in Kihei and ate breakfast (I really wanted to eat Banana Pancakes with Coconut syrup at least ONE time while we were here!).

We got up there and looked for good out-of-the-way beaches and it was tough because all there are are HUGE mega-resorts along the whole coast line. We found one beach access road and sat on the beach a while. It was a rocky entrance and windy with sand being flung at us. We decided to leave and head back down through Lahaina and to the beaches south of Lahaina we had seen.

We DID drive through the town of Lahaina, through the little tourist Front Street which was great people watching.

We eventually made our way back to the beach park/camp ground along the highway and pulled in and found a little slice of serenity!
We hadn't been sitting there long when a local walked by with her gaggle of darling little kids and told us that a Hawaiian Monk Seal had beached itself a little ways up the beach.
We hopped up and made our way down there.
It was actually TWO Monk seals and they laid there ALL day... pretty cool!!!
It looks pretty serene, but...
we WERE on a main road.
Kinda reminded me of San Onofre in San Clemente!
D took this from way out in the water.
Staying until almost sunset.

After our lovely day at the beach, we went BACK up to Lahaina and walked down front street, shopping a little. Then we had dinner at Kimo's.
We still had a long drie back down to Wailea afterwards, but it was worth it!

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