Monday, September 27, 2010

Miss M's Haircut

Miss M has been wanting to take the plunge for a while and today she finally did... she CUT HER HAIR!

She is going to donate her ponytail to a charity who will use it to make a wig for a child who has lost their hair.

Her long hair WAS lovely and it is a BIG change!

But the new "do" is super cute too.
She is still not used to it and it is freaking her out a little... but she is getting lots of positive feedback (phew!).
I kinda think it makes her look older but she thought it made her look younger...
What do YOU think???

First Days of School (2010)

Back to school.

First Lando headed back to college.
He went with Jojo.
We didn't even go. We haven't even seen his dorm!
We need to go up to visit sooooooooon.

Then Deevs and Miss M started on the same day at two different high schools.
Miss M is a freshman and Deevs is a Junior.
Miss M was going to walk with her friend. I semi-insisted on driving them. (My time is so fleeting!!!!!)

Deevs had a very late start (a "reverse minimum day") and just drove himself. "Bye Mom & Dad". WAIT! Come back! Don't grow up so darn fast!

The first week ended in dances at both schools. I did not get a photo of Deevs' black jaguar (panther?) get-up. I DID get photos of Miss M and her friends in their S.O.S. costumes (Freshmen were firemen, Sophomores were police, Juniors were life guards, Seniors were army). They went to the football game and then went to the welcome back to school dance. High school is so much more fun when you get involved and participate! God willing, 4 fun years ahead!

Summer's End

This while summer, our weather here in southern CA has been weird.
We did NOT experience evidence of Global Warming, that's for sure! The oceans werefreezingand with that, they brought drizzle, fog, and ugly, socked-in beach days... but lovely, cool in-land days.

We TRIED to go to the beach every wednesday & sunday, but the weather just sometimes did NOT cooperate :(
Now that summer is officially over and the kids are back in school, we are in the midst of a HEAT WAVE - 106 degrees today - UGH! We squeezed in a few post summer beach days!!! (Glorious! - And SUCH a respite from the heat at home! Ahhhhhh!)

Trying to make an "O" for the word "Love"
The gang (and Shelly's shadow, so she could be in in too!)
Smashball silhouettes
Newlywed beach lovers
Its the "summer of Love Love Love" - (B-52's song :)
Maddie had an impromptu "last weekend of summer" sleep over with a few friends. I felt sad that I did not do/allow this for the older boys. Our home space wasn't as conducive, we still had little ones with bedtimes who needed quiet and didn't sleep in, I was more nervous about having to entertain them and keep them happy, I didn't know how to be fun & nice while still reigning them in. I have changed a lot, I am more relaxed (I still need a lot of work, the kids will be quick to point out!), and we put the big, barn door, kooshy carpet, and Comfy Sacs in the room. Much easier and more FUN for all invlived.
Sorry Jade & Lando!
I owe you a sleepover!
Good bye summer...

Deevs Is 17!!!!

In all the chaos of the nuptials, Deevs' 17th birthday may SEEM like it got lost in the shuffle, but it didn't. He had a party at our house when we got back from Virginia in between the wedding and the California Reception.

He had a bunch of friends over. We were going to use a projector to show a movie in the backyard, but it didn't work out, so Deevs & Tyler came up with a game to play. They wrote names on name tags to put on peoples' backs and they would have to guess who they were. It was HILARIOUS the names they chose. They picked Ghengis Kahn and Kurt Vonnegut (how many 16 year olds know who they are??). They even picked one of the girl's moms. Then, until waiting until they had a group, they made it more of an Individual thing with each guest getting their sticker upon entering and having to work at it in front of the whole group until they got it. I just butted out and let them run it. Hysterical!

After making it through the gauntlet, they ate pizza and roasted marshmallows

and hung out,

played Monopoly Deal (a card game that is QUITE the rage in their friend group),
ate candy,

enjoyed older & newer friendships
then a bunch of the guys spent the night.
It seemed like a fun night over all.


Seventeen. Seventeen! Seventeen????
Can our little Bub Bear really be old enough to not only drive himself but now drive others??? (California driving law doesn't let teens drive anyone else for the first YEAR!) He is tall and handsome, funny and spazzy, smart and diligent. He has a tender heart. He is learning a lot about himself and stretching out of his comfort zone. It is so bittersweet to watch. He is growing into such a fine young man (I know that sounds like a stereotype, but it he is the epitome of that!... he is who that saying was created for!). And yet... and yet... he is growing up a little too fast for his mommy.

He was SUCH a snuggler... and now he is not so into that... from me (ahem!). His little furrowed, worried brow... we do not see that as often any more. Speaking of "seeing any more" - we see little of HIM any more! Now that he drives, he is just off and about. He has great friend and makes wise choices, but we MISS him. He is SOOOOO eager to leave Cali for college in another state. He can hardly WAIT to move out and leave us.

Oh Deevs, don't rush it... it goes way to fast any way. (Anyone remember the 80's lyrics "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can, changes come around real soon make us women and men"?). You are our little Bub Bear and you always will be. Don't hustle out of here too quick... and as you DO leave the nest and stretch your wings (which we are PROUD of and WANT you to do), just don't be in a super rush to close the door on THIS part of your life, you silly goose!