Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pre-Wedding Readying

With the wedding being at 4:00, that allowed plenty of time for us west-coasters to sleep in and get up at our leisure, get ready, and get to the church with time to spare.

Since we were in the same hotel as the whole Baker clan, we were able to hang out and visit while getting ready... it really felt like a family affair.

Hanging in the hotel room with jett
Not having to rush is NICE
Getting pretty with Keni
Last hours as a single man
Groom & his best man

Groom's room
Rachel getting ready
Are the Moms really ready???
Junior Bridesmaid & Sister-in-law-to-be
Last minutes as a single woman
Groom & his Best Men
The reception - lovely
Final touches on the cake

Bride & Sister-in-Law/Junior Bridesmaid
3 generations
Mama and her boys (men!)
It's time....

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