Thursday, August 5, 2010

Church Camp (High School)

Miss M is a highschooler!!! (Entering 9th grade in the fall - yikes!) Deevs is entering 11th (a JUNIOR!)... he will VERY soon be old enough to DRIVE OTHER PEOPLE (In CA, you have to drive a whole year to be allowed to drive other people, so this is a HUGE milestone).

So they both got to go to church high school camp together for the first time. We brought the "B" kids with us to see them off for their 5 days in Santa Barbara at a college instead of a traditional camp.

Miss M with McKenna & Cassie
The whole crew saying "goodbye"

They had a fun week over all. They would've probably preferred (when all was said and done) to not have done it at a college, but they still made the best of it. They made new friends, had AWESOME praise and worship, good messages, and grew closer to God and each other... a terrific week if you ask the Mom (but who asks the mom?).

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