Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bridal Shower

Grammie, Shelly, Suezi, and Elle threw a bridal shower for Sar (the lovely bride-to-be)! It was at the non-air-conditioned Outpost.
It was 7/17/10 and we were in the midst of a sweltering HEAT WAVE (in an otherwise uncharacteristically cool summer) - of course!
Thankfully, we chose morning for bridal brunch and thankfully the large trees and nice breeze made it actually quite comfortable (I am not sure if the portable air conditioning unit I brought helped or not, but it sure made me feel better :)

The decorations were LOVELY!
The food was delectable!~
The games (especially the "Nearly Wed Game") were great.

It was wonderful that Gram & Aunt Julie were able to make it.
Lots of terrific gifts (some naughty, some nice) to start the new Mr & Mrs off right.

Mother-in-Law to be...
MIL & DIL to be
Three generations (too bad Miss M had already left, it would've made it FOUR!) - Julie, Gram, Grammie, Me, Elle.
Countdown to the wedding has officially begun...

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