Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home From Alaska

We didn't get to see Lando off to Alaska... He left while we were in Canada.
He was gone for 6 weeks!
He didn't earn all he had hoped, but he still worked quite a lot of hours and made a nice little chunk of change.

He was EXTRA eager to get home since he and JoJo JUST started dating RIGHT before he left. I'm sure he was a little homesick for his parents & sibs, but his missing ratios might have looked a little something like this:
Mom = 1%
Dad = 1%
Miss M = 2%
Deevs = 2%
Jade & Sar = 2%
Bijou = .5%
JoJo = 91.5%

At 9:19AM on 7/31/10 (figuratively passing Jade & Sar in the air as they flew to VA to start the 2 week countdown of WEDDING PREPARATIONS - eeeeek!!!), Lando arrived and obediently hugged his dad then his mom and THEN rushed to greet his woman, lifeting her and twirling her around. Ahhhhhhhhh... all was right with the world!

He was giddy to be home!

We went to A's for breakfast then came home when I finally remembered to take some photos!

Welcome home, Lando! You were MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Do you think Bijou really even had the .5%? ;)