Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Women

Deevs starred in "Little Women" at school playing "Laurie" Laurence. He is the wealthy neighbor to the poor March girls who live with their Mom only, while their Dad is off serving as a Chaplain in the Civil War. He has no parents and lives with his crochety (who later turns nice) grandfather... he LONGS to be part of a family. The March's 'adopt' him as one of their honorary siblings (see video). He falls in love with and proposes to Jo who doesn't return his love. He is heartbroken and later marries the youngest, spoiled, bratty sister Amy. As the audience, you are sad and feels like he has settled. But he is still happy to be permanently part of the March family.

He has SUCH a good time doing the play. he met a bunch of new friends. Collette was in the play too, so he enjoyed getting to spend that time with her. He loved his drama teacher. He got recognized at the Macy Awards. Overall, it was a super positive experience for him... he enjoyed it tremendously.

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