Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This was NOT a terrific Mother's Day for Mom (I will have to cling to the memory of LAST Mother's Day and my fabulous video - I've got to milk it as often as I can! ;)

... and since I am writing this MUCH after the fact, I can also say that (spoiler alert) we redeemed ourselves by having a WONDERFUL 23rd Anniversary weekend in Ramona!

We did not do anything for Mother's Day (altho Miss M got me some lovely flowers, Lando got me a spanish "Congratulation on Your New Baby Card" and Jade & Sar got me movie tickets and CANDY!!!).
We - mom & dad - fought all day, so it was nice to get to get out and have dinner with the BIG family at Flamingos!

Ellen's "Zombie Eyes"
Almost all of us ordered the exact same thing - haha! (2 cheese enchiladas, rice & beans)
Best Mom ever!
Lando & Grammie
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!

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