Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter - even though it was later in the year - seemed to sneak up on us. I mean, wan't it just Valentine's Day???
We did our traditional "Easter Saturday" with the family at G&G's. We had breakfast then hunted for candy, then colored hardboiled eggs... that was a silly order in which to do it, but we did it more as a fun activity, not to hide those.
This was kind of a monumental event for Miss M because she - for the first time ever - had a "significant other" join her... her boyfriend Beau joined the party! She has grown up for years & years with all the brothers bringing girlfriends (and now wives) to family gatherings and this was her first time. She was quite pleased :)

Deevs came late because he had Drama practice for "Little Women" and Lando had to leave early because he had work, so it was a little piecemeal.

The next day, we went to church and then pretty much just lounged around.

Don't they look thrilled to be up and celebrating Jesus' resurrection???

Coloring eggs

Playing Angry Birds and - I assume, in Grampie's case, Golf.
Hanging out under the pool table...

Grammie playing with 'bubbles'.
At church - "Sunrise" Service at Saddleback (which is in quotes because the sun has long since risen, it is really more of just an 'early morning service'). It raining lightly during part of it!
At church - "Sunrise" Service at Saddleback

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