Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sara is 22

Sara got back from here trip to Virginia to visit family just in time to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her Hubs and family.

Grammie made spaghetti (meat & non-meat sauces). Elle brought garlic bread. And at the birthday girl's request, I brought cheesecake.

We got there early enough for the family to have some fun playing shuffle board... apparently Jo & Lando were the big winners!

Ellen is surprised about where she found Grampie!
Grammie getting the blazing candle fest of 22 candles ready.

Secrets secrets are no fun... why don't you tell everyone?
Not sure what's going on here...
Happy birthday dear Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Make a wish. (Did it count even though she did it in 9 breaths?)

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