Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deevs the Thespian

Deevs took Drama 1 this year for his Fine Arts requirement. He really liked his teacher, Mrs. Lord and he was encouraged to try out for their Drama Production of "Up the Down Staircase". The plot revolves around Sylvia Barrett, a young idealistic English teacher at an inner-city high school who hopes to nurture her students' interest in classic literature (especially Chaucer) and writing. She quickly becomes discouraged during her first year, frustrated by petty bureaucracy(the name of the novel refers to an infraction one of her students is punished for), the indifference of her students, and the incompetence of many of her colleagues. She decides to leave public school to work in a smaller private setting. Her mind is changed, however, by the realization that she has indeed touched the lives of her students.

Deevs played Lennie, one of the students with a bit of a crush on his new "Teach".

Great friends came out to support!
On stage as Lennie.
The class watching Miss Barrett

Taking bows
With Grammie & Grampie
With Buds

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