Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad's Back Surgery

October through Mid January were BRUTAL for dad's back... he was getting worse by the minute.
He had an epidural right after thanksgiving and not only did things not get better, they seemed to get worse, especially with the steroids creating anger and aggression in ADDITION to the pain, poor sleep, no exercise, stress etc. Then for money and insurance reasons, we decided to push off a surgery until after the first of the year. So Dad had to ride out the pain and we had to ride out Dad!

We finally found a Doctor up at UCLA in Santa Monica.
He ended up having laminectomies and diskectomies on 3 levels. He had the surgery on a Tuesday morning (Jan. 18. 2011).
He was very hopeful for a good outcome.

My dear friend Suzanne came up to be with me!
He took a while to come out of anesthesia and to recover and be moved to his room. (Notice my little area on the widow bench.)
Doing his breathing exercises so he won't get pneumonia (and keeping his sense of humor).
Drew popped by for a visit and took me to lunch... YUM!!!
Getting up is hard to do...
Ready to go home on Thursday.
Home at last. Snuggling with Jouey.
The healing incision.

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