Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jade is 23!!!!

My Facebook status for November 1, 2010 read:

"Happy 23rd birthday to our charming, intelligent, flexible, social, FUN, easy-going, enthusiastic, auto-didactic first born, "J". WE LOVE YOU, son! (Have a GREAT surprise weekend away with your amazing wife ♥) xoxo"

This is indeed true. Jade IS all of those things... He is thoughtful and likes to get along with everyone and not make waves. He earnestly desires to follow Christ and questions the status quo that many Christians have just unquestioningly followed for decades (at least). He is a lover... he is loyal and devoted and he is such a delight to be around! We are blessed to be his parents and that we get to be in relationship with him. If he wasn't our child, we would still WANT to know him and have him in our lives!

Sar & Jade were going away for a "secret birthday surprise" weekend but thankfully, Sar was on top of it and arranged to come over and carve pumpkins (more photos in later post) before they left (October 30) and she brought cupcakes to celebrate. Then they left for a costume party (more photos coming).

Birthday cupcakes a la the newest Mrs. M

Great wife!

Make a wish!!!
Their weekend in Pioneer Town

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