Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hallow E'en 2010

This was actually PRE-Halloween on October 30. Sar & J came over and carved pumpkins and we roasted the seeds.
Miss M and her friends dressed up for PumpkinFest at church then came back and joined us.
We celebrated J's 23rd bday and then J, Sar, and Lando left for a costume party.

Siamese Twins for Life!
Connected at the Liver

"Pumpkin is a squash... we can eat it, right?"

Carving a bicycle
Carving Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack
Lando carving
Jaylinn decorating faces
Brother & Sister
Pre-Halloween Jack o Lanterns
Carved Punkins
Going to their Party
Actual Halloween was kind of a bust.
Miss M went trick or treating with friends in another neighborhood (Tess was visiting from TEXAS - we hate texas :(
Deevs went to church.
J & Sar were away celebrating birthday weekend.
Lando went out.
We (Mom & Dad) were bickering.
We weren't at home. No one handed out candy. We barely GOT any candy (the kids slacked in their annual candy gathering duties!)
So I was particularly glad we had such a FUN night before! :)

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