Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer's End

This while summer, our weather here in southern CA has been weird.
We did NOT experience evidence of Global Warming, that's for sure! The oceans werefreezingand with that, they brought drizzle, fog, and ugly, socked-in beach days... but lovely, cool in-land days.

We TRIED to go to the beach every wednesday & sunday, but the weather just sometimes did NOT cooperate :(
Now that summer is officially over and the kids are back in school, we are in the midst of a HEAT WAVE - 106 degrees today - UGH! We squeezed in a few post summer beach days!!! (Glorious! - And SUCH a respite from the heat at home! Ahhhhhh!)

Trying to make an "O" for the word "Love"
The gang (and Shelly's shadow, so she could be in in too!)
Smashball silhouettes
Newlywed beach lovers
Its the "summer of Love Love Love" - (B-52's song :)
Maddie had an impromptu "last weekend of summer" sleep over with a few friends. I felt sad that I did not do/allow this for the older boys. Our home space wasn't as conducive, we still had little ones with bedtimes who needed quiet and didn't sleep in, I was more nervous about having to entertain them and keep them happy, I didn't know how to be fun & nice while still reigning them in. I have changed a lot, I am more relaxed (I still need a lot of work, the kids will be quick to point out!), and we put the big, barn door, kooshy carpet, and Comfy Sacs in the room. Much easier and more FUN for all invlived.
Sorry Jade & Lando!
I owe you a sleepover!
Good bye summer...

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