Monday, September 27, 2010

First Days of School (2010)

Back to school.

First Lando headed back to college.
He went with Jojo.
We didn't even go. We haven't even seen his dorm!
We need to go up to visit sooooooooon.

Then Deevs and Miss M started on the same day at two different high schools.
Miss M is a freshman and Deevs is a Junior.
Miss M was going to walk with her friend. I semi-insisted on driving them. (My time is so fleeting!!!!!)

Deevs had a very late start (a "reverse minimum day") and just drove himself. "Bye Mom & Dad". WAIT! Come back! Don't grow up so darn fast!

The first week ended in dances at both schools. I did not get a photo of Deevs' black jaguar (panther?) get-up. I DID get photos of Miss M and her friends in their S.O.S. costumes (Freshmen were firemen, Sophomores were police, Juniors were life guards, Seniors were army). They went to the football game and then went to the welcome back to school dance. High school is so much more fun when you get involved and participate! God willing, 4 fun years ahead!

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