Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree '10

It was a Christmas Miracle; we had all 4 kids and their significant others and/or friends with us for some or all of getting the tree, setting it up, decorating it, and our traditional dinner of fettucine alfredo

Arriving at Home Depot to get our Christmas tree. It was about 85 degrees out. (I told Katie she got "mom points" for wearing a Christmas sweatshirt!
Maslyns (minus Sara)
A candid of Lando picking out our "surprise" tree
(we don't know what it looks like 'til we get home :)
Our "surprise" tree
Hanging out with Chad
SURPRISE!!! Its a pretty good tree!
Miss M hanging all the stockings by the chimney with care.
Getting ready to trim the tree with lights!
Deevs & Katie going through his Teddy Bear ornaments
J&S going through his Angel ornaments
Miss M laying our her Snowmen ornaments
Getting ready for dinner: Jade, Sar, Miss M, Jo, Kaleel, Lando
My heart is FULL!

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