Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miss M Graduates 8th

We will never have another Jr. Higher.
It just seems so weird to me that we are entirely done with 8th grade!
Can it truly be that this entire seasons can have flown by so fast???
My brain truly almost can't compute it... didn't we just get married? Wasn't Miss M just born?

We arrived on time for Miss M's graduation - which actually means we were late. We found a 'standing room only' crowd and therefore got to stand. Lando was already off to Alaska and Deevs had school, so it was Mom, Dad, and Emy (SO sweet of her to come!).

As we were standing there waiting for the graduation to start, I got a call from a client who regretfully told me that they were switching brokers for one of the owner's family friends... she said she fought to keep me but was given no choice. This rocked my world and then as soon as I hung up the phone I got a text from a friend with some startling & painful news. All this to say, Miss M's graduation felt like a BLUR to me... my brain had left the building. The 'ceremony' itself was very quick and non-personal and then we were standing with our brand new 9th grader.

Dad had had to dash off to work so it was just me & Emy.

I asked if she wanted to take photos with her friends "no"
Did she have any special plans "no".
Did she want to go anywhere or connect with friends "no".
"OK" - I was so out of it that I just kind of blinked in shock (and maybe guilty relief).

Thank GOODNESS it was Emy to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!
She took Miss out out to breakfast and then took her to JB's graduation lunch and then to THHS graduation where a LOT of Lando's friends she knew were graduating! So she got a fun graduation day and I could go home and pull the blinds and mope and then get my wits about me and move on.

Now we have 2 highschoolers, 1 college student and 1 soon-to-be-married kids... wow.
Just wow.

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